Artya Halloween Spider Watch

Aiming to shock and be provacative, artful Swiss watch maker of (only) unique timepieces has made a few watches for Halloween. A few of them contain actual spiders in the dials. Not living spiders, but eerie enough. The typical look of Artya's "tortured" watch cases add to the fearfulness of these watches. Artya prefers "defacing" its cases with electro shocks. You can see the large spider body on the dial. The brand chose thin hands for the dial that are reminiscent of arachnid legs. The decomposing organic look of the watch adds to the holiday creepiness factor. Plus, the strap is made from toad skin. Case is steel (about 45mm wide I think), and inside is a Swiss automatic movement.

In addition to this Halloween Spider watch, the brand also has a few other piece uniques for the Halloween holiday includes some with dials featuring scary skulls, and screaming faces. Prices are in the 7,000 Swiss Franc range I believe.

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