Audi TT RS by MTM

Most aftermarket modifiers looking to reach headline top speeds crank up the horsepower as high as they can get it. With its rich background in high-speed testing, MTM knows all about that. But they decided to go a different route this time.

Instead of emphasizing overall engine output, they took an Audi TT RS – already one of the fastest vehicle in the Audi stable this side of an R8 – and tuned it to "only" 472 horsepower. And with it they hit a top speed of 312 kilometers per hour (194 mph), a speed previously thought unattainable with anything less than 500 horsepower.

The best part? They'll set yours up the same way. All it'll cost you is €14,500 for the engine mods and another €9,973 for the upgraded tires, wheels and brakes you'll need to keep it under control...plus a stock Audi TT RS to start off with. Oh, and if you really had your heart set on that 500-hp mark, they're working on that, too.

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