Franck Muller Mystery Double Four Seasons Watch

I am quite jealous not to be attending the 2010 Word Presentation of Haute Horlogerie & Jewelery (WPHH) in Monaco this year. I mean really, what isn't there to be jealous of. A nice watches, nice jewelery, and a part in Monaco. Perhaps next year. The event is actually put on by the Franck Muller group, and will include its various brands. These include, but aren't limited to; Franck Muller Pierre Kunz, Martin Braun (no longer actually with Martin Braun), Backes & Strauss, and a few others.

The star of this year's show will be this new women's watch from Franck Muller called the "Mystery Double Four Seasons" While the name of the watch might be a bad English translation, the beauty of the watch transcends all languages. Its multi-colored precious stones (on the bezel) tell the story of an entire year. Starting with a green spring, moving to the hot yellow colors of the summer, then on to reds of the fall, and finally to the cold blues of the winter. The stones flow on to the lugs, and baguette style stones of all different colors make up the hour markers and with trillion cut stones as the hour and minute hands. The rest of the watch is totally covered in diamonds. The "Mystery Double" (ahem, 'double mystery') part of the name comes from the two discs that moves the hour and minute indicator hands, rather than the watch having traditional hands. The watch case is likely to be in white gold, and it has a purple toned alligator strap. Not sure about price, movement, or size, but it is the star of a show on high-end luxury watches and jewelery in Monaco - and this is both of those things - so that should tell you something.

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