King Farouk's Almost $1 Million Bedroom Set Furniture For Sal

In 1965 King Farouk died at the dinner table in Rome where he lived for the last part of his life. The highly overweight former king of Egypt keeled over after an especially heavy meal. Thus ending a rich life of excess and having fun a member of royalty when such people were growing continually less common. King Farouk fled Egypt in the early 1950s when his highly corrupt government was overthrown. While he might not have been the best ruler, he was really good at enjoying the lifestyle. He was well known for enjoying all things lavish. He had many homes and 100s of cars, and had a penchant for traveling to Europe for regular shopping excursions. In his heyday he was somewhat of a trend setter for Egyptian elite and his grand tastes were known around the world.

Rau Antiques in New Orleans has acquired a King Farouk bedroom set. The several piece set is from the mid 19th century and right up King Farouk's alley in terms of taste and poise. The seven piece set is Parisian and done in mostly mahogany wood. Lots of gilded bronze accents and decor inspired by mythology and fantasy creatures. Probably one of his favorites. Price for the set is $985,000 - you can see more here at Rau online.

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