Lamborghini and Callaway Golf Drive a New Generation of Carbon Fiber

You might not think there would'd be much crossover between cars and golf clubs. But you'd be wrong. Aside from golf carts on the one hand and using golf club bags as the standard American measurement for a car's trunk capacity, two of the biggest names in performance in their respective fields have come together to develop new construction methods.

The partnership between Lamborghini and Callaway Golf was announced in Paris, where the former unveiled its vision for the future in the form of the Sesto Elemento concept. While researching construction materials together at the University of Washington, the two companies found each other mutually interested in developing a new breed of lightweight, high-strength material.

The result is called Forged Composite, which they've found to be at once stronger, cheaper and more versatile than conventional carbon fiber. We've seen what Lamborghini has in mind for the material. Callaway Golf, meanwhile, plans within the year on phasing in Forged Composite drivers, which they expect will net an 8-yard longer drive than the market-leading titanium drivers which they'll replace.

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