Lexus Has Big Plans to Replace the Aging SC430

We tend to avoid rumors and conjecture here at Luxist, preferring to bring you solid news of new luxury items to behold. But some reports are just too tantalizing to pass up. Like this latest one about a new top-of-the-line luxury convertible from Lexus.

The model in question would be brought in, according to reports, to replacing the aging SC430, a model introduced back in 2001 and growing a little long in the tooth. To succeed the lack-luster SC with its 288-horsepower V8 will reportedly be a 500-horsepower, all-wheel drive hybrid super-coupe dubbed the LC600h. Based on the next-generation LS flagship sedan, the two-door model is expected to retain the best-of-both-worlds convertible hard-top, but isn't anticipated to arrive until after the sedan comes in 2014, so don't go calling your dealership with a trade-in inquiry just yet.

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