MB&F & Boucheron Team Up For The JwlryMachine Watch

What are these two men so happy about? Must be the release of the very special HM3 JwlryMachine timepiece. These men are MB&F founder Max Busser and Boucheron President Jean-Cristophe Bedos. I must admit I don't understand what "Jewelry" was shortened like that, but I love the watch. Using the MB&F Horological Machine Number 3 as a base, Boucheron was given free reign to create a special watch that exhibited the strengths of both brands. Boucheron is used to cooperating with other brands, as many Boucheron timepieces contain Girard-Perregaux movements. MB&F also has some experience engaging in such creative collaborations - and this relationship has produced a lovely offspring.

The watch known as the JwlryMachine is made of 18k gold and titanium. Here in white gold, the "bird" is made from the shape of the gold and loads of specially shaped amethyst with diamonds and sapphires. There is also a pink version in 18k pink gold with diamonds and pink toned stones. Looking like an owl (clearly) the watch is another beautiful piece of animal style jewelry - always a hot item, items like this make it easy for both women and men to appreciate high-end creative jewelry pieces. The watches will be made to order and the price will start at $195,000 - with primary availability at Boucheron boutiques.

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