HUDSON Jeans Men's Collection - Ladies, Get Your Man These

There are a lot of men out there who are uncomfortable shopping for jeans. There are so many different styles available, it boggles the mind. As a result, they often order "that looks normal" men's jeans online or just get the same ones their mom bought them in high school. This does not exactly ... make for hotness.

Ladies, it's the holidays. It's time to get your man some proper jeans. This is beneficial for both of you. Check out our gallery of our favorites from HUDSON Jeans, the same denim company who brought us the $995 custom jeans earlier this year (What makes Hudson Denim Resurrection Jeans worth $995? -- don't worry they don't cost that much). Be sure and visit (or have him visit) the Fit Guide before purchasing.

And ladies, even if you aren't looking for men's jeans today, we recommend you check out this gallery anyway. Consider it an early Happy Holidays from Luxist to you.

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