Billionaires Demand Military-Grade Security on Their Superyachts

In an effort to boost the flagging superyacht market, manufacturers are fitting them out with increasingly complex, military-grade security systems aimed at assuaging the fears of paranoid billionaires. Bloomberg News reports from the Monaco Yacht Show that security systems similar to the ones on Roman Abramovich's enormous Eclipse are now standard issue for high-end craft. Pascal Wiscour-Conter, chief executive officer of Equisea Yacht Management in Monte Carlo, says that any billionaire buying a superyacht these days shells out an extra $400,000 at least for additional defensive measures, including bulletproof glass and "NATO military technology integrated with NASA satellite tracking to create an invisible offensive security bubble with underwater sonic cannons and surface lasers that evaluate and take out anyone who lays siege to the vessel." Wiscour-Conter notes that the high-tech system "knows the difference between a malicious scuba diver and a curious dolphin, and we transmit all the information to your iPhone four times a day."

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